The ECO.CV unit is an evapo-concentrator for treating water-based liquids. Evaporation is a single operation which, through a physical process, aims to obtain a relatively more concentrated solution from a more diluted one. The result is achieved by the simultaneous transfer of matter and energy in which the solvent (water) is boiled and vaporised.

The distillate generally has very low conductivity, enabling its reuse in the production process. Mechanical vapour recompression is a thermodynamic open-cycle heat pump type process in which the heating fluid is the product of the evaporation process after an increase in energy due to polytropic mechanical compression.

ECOCV 2000

  • Evaporator type: mechanical vapour recompression
  • Natural circulation
  • Vacuum
  • Ventura Orts S.A. is a distributor for ECOTEAM