Ventura Orts S.A. is a Valencian company founded in 1965. It began life making installations for the metal surface treatment industry and was a pioneer in construction and mechanisation with thermoplastics.

After more than 50 years of working with and carrying out installations for many different types of industry, today it is among those Spanish companies capable of carrying out complete projects using technology designed for industry and the environment.

The team

Made up of experienced professionals, the team offers the solution your project needs with excellent service and effectiveness guaranteed. We provide all engineering services, throughout all phases of development including feasibility and implementation studies, implementation projects, installation management, after-sales service and technical assistance.

Ventura Orts S.A. has the required personnel in each field to plan and execute your installation.

Project consultancy

We have engineers specialising in the design, manufacture, logistics, installation and maintenance of process lines and equipment.

We cover a wide range of industries and types of installation, planning and carrying out work for the chemical industry, the automotive industry, the aeronautical industry, the metal-mechanics industry and the prosthetics and implant industry, etc.

Our experience enables us to offer a broad range of flexible services tailored to the needs of individual customers.

Internacionalización I+D

Grants for internationalisation and R&D and innovation

With our innovation and new product development strategy, we have been awarded various grants for internationalisation.


Founder Member of AVEP

Associated of AIDIMME

Associated of FEMEVAL

Associated of AIAS