The APQ006 regulation requires the use of a bund, whether via civil engineering or by way of another tank that acts as a double wall. Ventura Orts S.A. manufactures APQ006 tanks in HDPE, PP and FRP which offer chemical stability and high resistance to the most aggressive materials: hydrochloric acid 35%, ammonium hydroxide 25%, sodium hydroxide 25%, sodium hypochlorite 15%, ferric chloride 40%, sodium hydroxide 50%, potassium hydroxide 50%, sulphuric acid 40%, phosphoric acid 75%, sulphuric acid 98%, nitric acid 60%, hydrofluoric acid 70%, hydrogen peroxide, caustic soda, etc.


PP, polypropylene, is a very rigid thermoplastic that can withstand temperatures of up to 95ºC and is resistant to a wide range of chemicals. Unlike HDPE, PP is not suitable for outdoor environments and it does not withstand temperatures below 0ºC. It also has excellent processability, enabling multiple construction possibilities. PP tanks maintain good resistance over time, even with heavy use.